Members of the Yuma Fire Department compete in the hose cart.

Membership Services 2nd Annual Fire Muster

“Serving those who dedicate their lives to the service of others.”

Join us for the 2019 2nd Annual  IAFF -United Yuma Fire Fighters Fire Muster on 5/4/2019. All proceeds from this event are used to help local firefighters and their families when in need.  Membership Services is a subdivision of the United Yuma Firefighters Charity.

Please click the link below for a set of the rules.

Click here for: MUSTER RULES2018

Complete the following form to register a team. All teams are required to bring 4 (50ft) sections of hose (200ft total). 

Teams are made up of 6 Members. 

Payment is due no later than 4/20/19. Entry is $125.00 per team

Please fill out all of the information and submit the form. Teams are allowed to have more than 5 players, however, only 5 players may be on the field of play per event. Substitutions are the sole responsibility of the team captain.

Enter the name of your team
This person will serve as the team captain and point of contact for all official notification.