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Welcome to Local 1234 of the IAFF

Urgent Call To Action

We've just received word that a bill that would jeopardize Fire Fighters' Workmen's Compensation benefits will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th, at 2:00 PM. Although the Insurance Companies pushing this travesty acknowledge that Fire Fighters and Cops have dangerous jobs, they are still pushing to take away our rights when injured on the job and are even intent on taking away our due process rights in the Superior Court when insurance companies collude to commit fraud in the name of more dollars for the bottom line. If one of us defraud the system, it's a class 6 felony. If this bill passes, Insurance Companies and their executives will be able to defraud the system and, if found guilty, get away with it by paying a small fine.

We ask you to call the Senators listed below and to respectfully and politely ask them to VOTE NO on HB 2439. If enough of us call and make this request we believe that we can kill this in Committee which will prevent it from going to the floor. Again, please be polite and courteous as anything else will be used as ammunition to vote with those wishing to do harm to ourselves and our families. Thanks to all of you in advance for taking the five minutes to call down and stand up for Fire Fighters all around the State.

Senator Sylvia Allen 602 926 5409
Senator Debbie Lesko 602 926 5413
Senator Kelli Ward 602 926 4138
Senator John Kavanagh 602 926 5170
Senator Don Shooter 602 926 4139


Bryan Jeffries
President, Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

Mike Colletto
Legislative Director, Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

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     On Saturday March 14th and Sunday March 15th,  members of your United Yuma Firefighters Association teamed up with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and collected donations from our citizens to help "Fill The Boot."  Between the hours of 10am and 6pm on each day,  multiple boots were held up and filled at two separate locaions in the City Of Yuma.  Generous donations were given by members of our community on both days.

 A total amount of $6,505.13 was collected and will be given to the MDA. 

Excellent work by all of our members and families.

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From City Of Yuma Interim Fire Captain Bill Kereluk:
   For those who may not know, a board has been working for more than a decade to raise money and build a memorial to Arizona firefighters and paramedics who have fallen in the line of duty. The project has broken ground this past weekend and scheduled to be completed by October of this year. Please take a few minutes to navigate around this web site and follow the progression of our state memorial.
     The total cost of this project is just over $1.5 million. Through private and corporate sponsors we have raised just over $1M. We still need some funding if you have a corporate contact that may be interested in donating or if anyone has ideas for local fund raisers please contact me at any time.

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Submitted by City Of Yuma Interim Fire Captain Steve Legros;


An interesting article regarding the current environment at PSPRS. 

You can also follow the progress of investigations into PSPRS activity and litigation at: 

It is a website operated by active and retired members of PSPRS acting as a watchdog group on behalf of concerned PSPRS members.

Disclaimer: Public Safety Pension Systems are under a tremendous amount of scrutiny by numerous groups, because of this it is difficult to get a clear and concise answer to questions since each side is “spinning” the story to support their position. What does this mean to you? You should read and research all that you can so that you may be informed! Do not rely on others to do it for you as this perpetuates the spread of misinformation. It’s your pension, it’s your responsibility!

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A message from Local 1234 President Kris Leon:

Brothers and Sisters,

My first term as your President is coming to an end and I must say that it was more challenging than I initially anticipated. Most of my term was learning the position while still maintaining open lines of communication with our Administration, our Council Leadership and even the Administrator. I also had the opportunity to represent us at the PFFA level. There were several battles within all three Chapters of our Local. Some battles were lost, some were won, and others I would consider Pyrrhic victories. In the end, we continued to help each other and stand for each other across all three Chapters within our Local.

I wanted to ensure that I stepped back and let the executive board do their job. In order for me to do my job well as our State Rep, I had to rely on our executive board. I received all of the support needed to fulfill my duties. Captain Louser has done an excellent job representing YFD as your Vice President. Secretary / Treasurer Smith has the books and rosters more organized than ever before. Your Stewards have been able to keep the lines of communication open with all three crews. The entire e-board has allowed for every event from a fund raiser to a celebration to be completed with the best results possible.

We have had waves of tribulation and at times it seemed like things couldn't get worse. We all endured high levels of stress at one point or another, specifically in the past year. As a department, we came together. As a Local we supported each other. We will continue to improve our voice with our Departmental leaders as well as with City Leadership so that we as firefighters can be heard. I have never been a political person. Frankly, I don’t understand the mentality of getting ahead by deception. That being said, I have maintained open political lines of communication so that the people who make decisions understand that we matter. Every political contact I have established has been with help from your executive board. It has been obtained with integrity and we have never put our name out to be tarnished. Struggles don’t disappear, they merely change colors. I stand by our executive board and they stand by me. We will continue to work for the benefit of us Firefighters, our Departments and our Communities. We will continue communications with the new Council and Mayor.

Elections open up next week. I have been nominated by John Metha and I have accepted the nomination. I write this letter to ask for your support. I enjoyed being your representative with Fire Administration, Council, the PFFA and at the fire stations. Your executive board has done its best to represent our members to the best of our abilities. We look forward to representing you this next term.

Fraternally yours,

Kris E. Leon

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Our Firefighter's are proud members of the International Association of Firefighter's and the Professional Firefighter's of Arizona. 



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