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Welcome to Local 1234 of the IAFF

Citizens of Yuma,
Have you seen our signs? If you drive around the greater Yuma area you may see some signs on the streets that read "Vote Yes on Prop 407" and "Firefighter Endorsed." The United Yuma Firefighters are proud to announce that we are supporting proposition 407.
In an attempt to help keep Yuma Safe, we have placed our support behind Proposition 407. THe Proposition provides the Citizens of Yuma some relief, by raising the sales tax to help increase revenue for public safety. Historically public safety in yuma receives the its funding from property taxes, by increasing the city sales tax we ensure that everyone who works, plays or drives through the City of Yuma helps fund the roads and public safety. The Yuma Fire Fighters are in need of your help and your Yes vote.
The City of Yuma Fire Department and Police Department respond to a call for service every 2 minutes or so, all with fewer than 300 sworn police and Firefighters, we need your help to keep our personnel trained, and in a position to respond at all times. The City of Yuma has been operating with an aging 911 system and communications equipment. Your YES vote can help replace that equipment and with training, retention and increasing staffing levels
The overall sales tax increase will be 3/10's of a cent, we are asking that you pay just three pennies on every 10 dollar purchase or 15 cents on a 50 dollar bill. The Sales tax increase will still have Citizens in Yuma Paying below the state average.
Please on or before Nov. 3 we ask that you join your local FireFighters and Police and VOTE YES on PROP 407. Keep Yuma Safe!

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                                 Another baby has arrived in the UYFFA Family!

The United Yuma Firefighter's Association would like to CONGRATULATE City Of Yuma Firefighter Ruben Ramirez and his wife on the birth of their baby girl.  
 Weighing 6lbs 8oz both  mom and baby are doing great!! 


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A message from Local 1234 President, John Louser......

To: L1234 Membership

From: John Louser

Date: 1.14.2016

Re: Goals & objectives for 2016/17


First, I would like to say that I am very excited to be a part of the L1234 Executive Board. I have turned down nominations for the local presidency on a few occasions in the past, but this time I felt that I would like to implement some of my ideas and do my part in seeing the local move forward.

I would like to cover some of the goals and objectives that I have for the local for my term. I would appreciate any feedback that any of you have and I hope to see you all participate in L1234 activities in the future.

The two main areas of focus moving forward will concern developing structure within the union, and the finances of the union.


The association’s rank and chain of command structure will always be followed. I am the president of L1234, which means that I will deal with matters on a local-wide level; the three chapter presidents of San Luis, Somerton, and Yuma will oversee all matters within their respective chapters.

In an effort to become more of a goal-oriented organization, I have asked all officers to develop tangible goals for their terms, and I will be working with them to ensure that they are remaining focused on their goals, as well as assisting them with whatever they need along the way.

I would like to develop a 5-year strategic plan for the union. If we are going to be a goal-oriented association that has plans on achieving significant victories, we must have a plan in place to follow, as many of these goals, such as Meet & Confer, do not happen overnight and require focused planning. Some of the goals that I would like to include in the plan are:

·         Meet & Confer- This is, realistically, a five year goal. Achieving this will require education of the membership; developing relationships with elected officials; becoming politically involved; and engaging a receptive city council.

·         501(c)(3) status- Achieving this tax status will allow us to work with larger charitable organizations, as well as allow us to take on investment opportunities. This will require accurate bookkeeping; consultation with CPA’s and tax attorneys, etc.

·          Purchase of a union hall- L1234 has been in existence for over 60 years and we have close to 150 active members. The fact that we do not own our own facility and instead resort to conducting union meetings in library rooms and restaurants is an embarrassment. A union hall could be used for meetings, retirement banquets, and special events for members. We could also lease this space out to assist with financing or to generate revenue. This will require accurate books; development of an L1234 affiliated LLC; consultation with our CPA & attorney; and possibly an enterprise fund.


I have been approached by a number of members concerning the financial health of L1234. We will be conducting a third-party audit of all of the union finances dating back to at least the beginning of 2014. This will be done by a CPA of our choosing and should answer all questions related to union finances as we move towards a strict accounting standard.

We will develop a budget that will be adhered to with no exceptions. This budget will be formed with multiple budget meetings which can and should include the participation of all members. We will be developing a budget request form for the union finances as well as purchase forms that will outline which line items of the budget will be affected. Discretionary spending must show receipts and be approved as union-related by the executive board; failure to follow this standard will result in the officer having their officer pay deducted for the amount of the unapproved purchase.


These are just some of the plans for the immediate future of the union. We have other items that will be addressed alongside of those listed above. Revitalization of the Charity Fund will be a high priority, as will setting PFFA state convention attendance requirements. I hope to see all of you involved in union activities, and always feel free to ask questions in regards to your union.




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Two years ago today, 19 brave men made the ultimate sacrifice when they were over run by an out of control wild fire near the town of Yarnell. The Granite Mountain Hotshots were an elite team and valuable resource used during wild land fires. To help honor these brave men, a make shift memorial was built this morning by Local 1234 members Captain Brandon Case, Engineer John Rundle, and Firefighter Gavin Goble. It was put up for display in front of City Of Yuma Fire Station 5. This station proudly serves the east side of Yuma and is located at 6490 East 26th Street.

Thank you Station 5 C-shift.

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Submitted by Mike Erfert;

Yuma Fire Department (YFD) Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Juan Huerta has successfully completed the process that has led to his receiving the professional designation of “Fire Marshal”. The Commission on Professional Credentialing (CPC) recently met to officially confer the designation upon Firefighter Huerta.

     Juan is only the 2nd member of the Yuma Fire Department to earn this recognition. The first was Fire Marshal Kayla Holiman who received the designation last year, shortly before being appointed the Fire Marshal for the City of Yuma. There are only 6 individuals in Arizona who have earned this designation.

     The CPC awards the Fire Marshal designation only after an individual has successfully met all educational and profession development criteria. The process includes an assessment of the applicant’s education, experience, professional development, technical competencies, contributions to the profession, and community involvement. Applicants also are required to identify future professional development plans. The process includes a comprehensive peer review to assist in the evaluation of a candidate’s qualifications.

     Juan has almost 17 years of service to the citizens of Yuma. He started with the city as a Plans Examiner in 1998 and became a Fire Plans Examiner for YFD in 2003. In 2010 he was hired as a Firefighter Cadet and successfully completed the training/testing process for his current position as Firefighter/EMT. The CPC recognition is a professional designation and not a job title.

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     On Saturday March 14th and Sunday March 15th,  members of your United Yuma Firefighters Association teamed up with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and collected donations from our citizens to help "Fill The Boot."  Between the hours of 10am and 6pm on each day,  multiple boots were held up and filled at two separate locaions in the City Of Yuma.  Generous donations were given by members of our community on both days.

 A total amount of $6,505.13 was collected and will be given to the MDA. 

Excellent work by all of our members and families.

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From City Of Yuma Interim Fire Captain Bill Kereluk:
   For those who may not know, a board has been working for more than a decade to raise money and build a memorial to Arizona firefighters and paramedics who have fallen in the line of duty. The project has broken ground this past weekend and scheduled to be completed by October of this year. Please take a few minutes to navigate around this web site and follow the progression of our state memorial.
     The total cost of this project is just over $1.5 million. Through private and corporate sponsors we have raised just over $1M. We still need some funding if you have a corporate contact that may be interested in donating or if anyone has ideas for local fund raisers please contact me at any time.

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Submitted by City Of Yuma Interim Fire Captain Steve Legros;


An interesting article regarding the current environment at PSPRS. 

You can also follow the progress of investigations into PSPRS activity and litigation at: 

It is a website operated by active and retired members of PSPRS acting as a watchdog group on behalf of concerned PSPRS members.

Disclaimer: Public Safety Pension Systems are under a tremendous amount of scrutiny by numerous groups, because of this it is difficult to get a clear and concise answer to questions since each side is “spinning” the story to support their position. What does this mean to you? You should read and research all that you can so that you may be informed! Do not rely on others to do it for you as this perpetuates the spread of misinformation. It’s your pension, it’s your responsibility!

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Our Firefighter's are proud members of the International Association of Firefighter's and the Professional Firefighter's of Arizona. 



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